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We accept the following types of payments

Standard Program Fees

Spring and Summer Camp Fees start at $220.00 per week. Plus 50.00 Registration fee
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On-Premise HUB Program Fees start at $250 per week & NO Registration fee
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After School S.T.E.M Program fee = $150.00 per 6 week program. No Registration Fee.
After School Club Program Fees = $150.00 per 6 week program. No Registration Fee.
Field Trip Program Fees = (depending on location and program)

Please note each location may qualify for one of our Corporate Sponsorship Programs which may allow for discounts, free registrations, or free tuition.
Each registrant should review their locations pricing. It could be less than the STANDARD PROGRAM FEES.
Also, The Science Academy reserves the right to change a standard program's fee, but only before a program is officially announced at a location.


Online Registration Application 

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Student(s) Information

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Student(s) Interests:      
What school does the student(s) currently attend :



Please indicate if Student is enrolled in AFTER CARE

Please indicate if it's PART TIME (till 4pm) or FULL TIME (till 6pm).         PART TIME (till 4pm)  FULL TIME (till 6pm)



Please note the following:
we require a 2 week minimum for our Programs.

Weeks below highlighted in RED are full.
Please check here if you would like to be placed on a wait list for a week that is full.

For Spring or Summer Camps ONLY, please check here if you will need the "Extended Aftercare Hours" ($50. per week)



2020 Science Spring Break Camp WEEK: March 23rd. to March 27th.


2020 WEEKS

(1) June 1st. to June 7th.     (2) June 8th. to June 12th.  
(3) June 15th. to June 19th.  (4) June 24th. to June 28th.   
(5) June 29th. to July 3rd.     (6) July 6th. to July 10th. 
(7) July 13th. to July 17th.    (8) July 20th. to July 24th.
(9) July 27th. to July 31st.  


FOR SPRING CAMP OR SUMMER CAMP: Please indicate below which Discount you are applying for.

Sibling Discount        Early Registration Discount Spring Camp deadline for this discount is February 28th.
                                                                                         Summer Camp deadline for this discount is April 30th.

Friends Discount        Name of "STUDENT FRIEND" joining you at Camp:


Parents / Legal Guardians Information

Mother's Name:  Mother's Home Phone:

Mother's Cell Phone #: Mother's Email Address:

Father's Name:  Father's Home Phone:

Father's Cell Phone #:  Father's Email Address:

Please check this box if someone other than the parents will be picking up the student

If you checked the previous box, please provide the following information for the individual who will pick up the student in parents or guardians absence.

 Name of Individual:        Relation:

**Please Note we will need to see their Driver's License / ID when picking up students.


Attention All Program Registrants
Please read below.
By clicking the submit button below and typeing "Yes" in the text box below or submitting an Application for  Registration to any of The Science Academy's programs via this webpage or flyer, you acknowledge, understand and agree, that due to fixed costs and expenditures,that are based on definite enrollment, no refunds, reductions, or credits can be or will be issued. Furthermore you acknowledge, understand, and agree to adhere and abide by The Science Academy's rules, guidelines, and procedures Including that no Registration will be considered a completed registration until all payments are fully received, processed, and cleared by the Accounts Receivable Department. You also understand and agree that if you request a refund or credit, The Science Academy may consider a refund or credit based on certain circumstances and may require paperwork to back up those circumstances. If approved for a credit or refund, it will be for
50% of the unused tuition balance
plus a $25.00 processing fee. Registration Fees are non-refundable. However, there are no guarantees.
You also understand and agree that if you pay by check and your check is returned for non sufficient funds, you will pay for any fees incurred by the Science Academy plus a 25.00 return check fee. Acts Beyond Our Control: Parent(s) or Legal Guardian(s) understand and acknowledge that if any circumstance arise such as war, tornado, hurricane, government restriction, acts of God, epidemic, pandemic, power outages or any other circumstance that the Director of The Science Academy finds it advisable to close The Science Academy's Program or not open The Science Academy's Program, no refund, no credit, and no reduction or return of funds will be made.
Parent(s) or Legal Guardian(s) also acknowledge and understand that a refusal to agree to these terms here, the Science Academy will have the right to void or cancel any application or registration at any time with no refund or credit going to the parents or legal guardians. Please note, The Science Academy is not affiliated with any school district including the school district of palm beach county or any of their schools. The Programs, Events, and Activities hosted by The Science Academy on any school premise pursuant to a lease agreement shall not be construed as being conducted, funded, hosted, or sponsored by the school board or school on behalf of the Science Academy. The school board and its schools take no responsibilities for supervising or monitoring The Science Academy programs, events, or activities and can not be liable for any actions of the Science Academy at any school premises. Also, The Science Academy can not be liable for the School Board or School's events, activities, or conduct of any of their personnel at any location that The Science Academy is conducting their programs. We at The Science Academy hope that all parents understand that all our programs and activities are developed and executed by the Science Academy's staff and STEM Education partners and not by any school boards of any county. We utilize real world STEM Professional contributions from Scientists, Physicists, Mathematicians, Engineers, Business Executives, etc. from several STEM related backgrounds and organizations to help produce our programs and activities. 

By checking the box below, I (the parent / legal guardian named herein this application) acknowledge and agree with all of the above and also that, The Science Academy is not responsible for any possible exposure to any type of illness or infectious diseases including but not limited to influenza, MRSA, and COVID-19 or any illness or infectious diseases. For the safety of the students and staff, I also acknowledge and agree that if my child or children have encountered anyone showing any symptoms to illness that I will communicate this information to The Science Academy’s staff and that my child or children will stay at home. I also acknowledge and agree to accept all responsibilities if I fail to follow this rule. I also understand, while safety precautions and personal discipline may reduce the risk of illness, a risk still does exist. As a parent / legal guardian I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown and assume full responsibility for my child or children's participation. On behalf of myself and my child or children, I hereby release and hold harmless The Science Academy,
their employees, sub-contractors, owners, partners, and all other participants with respect to any illnesses or accidents whatsoever.
Please type "yes" in this text box to agree with our Acknowledgement and continue with your application.:


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Please Note: Teachers are not allowed to collect checks. Do not give your check to a teacher.
If you are not sure where to send your check, please call us.561-285-7552

You may also mail your check with your filled out Registration Flyer to;
The Science Academy

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